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Lunar MareAvailable for purchase in the office and online are aroma therapy sprays, flower essences, and natural remedy tinctures all handmade locally by Chelsi Reed and Anna Clary. Aroma therapy is a fantastic way to help clear away your stress and leave you a little more relaxed allowing for your body to be in a more balanced state. Flower essences are made from a wide array of beautiful flowers and are a fantastic way to bring about emotional clarity by facilitating the release of stuck emotions. Natural remedy Tinctures have been around since the dawn of time and are a fantastic  way to physically clear out the body. They are great  at assisting a  boost to your immune system and detoxing your body. Each month I will be introducing these new tools to provide the overall health experience when you come to see me.  These tools are a great way to help facilitate your healthy healing journey.



–Chelsi Reed