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Intuitive Massage: 30 min is $40, 60 min is $75, 90 min is $105

You get what you knead! My massage technique is not something that can easily be described in a few words. I provide restorative care in whatever form that may be. Whether you need to simply relax, let go of all that is stuck emotionally in your body, or you need me to really dig in there and help facilitate healing in the problem area. I am quite capable and willing to do any and all of the above and usually provide a little mixture of multiple techniques including: Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, as well as some energy work. It is all dependent upon what I sense when I start working on you. Sometimes less is the key and sometimes more. Your body has an incredible way of sharing what it needs with not only you but also your healthcare providers. We just have to tune in and allow for the body to show us how to help. All things work in a remarkably intertwined way. We are all different and require different care based on our own individual circumstances, past experiences, and needs. So this is my gift that I would like to share with you. The experience of total relaxation and an amazing opportunity for healing on multiple levels.

Hot Stone: 75 min @ $120
Smooth river rocks are heated up and placed in the areas of concern on the body. The heat penetrates the muscle to release tension and toxins and allow for the therapist to get to the underlying tissues without as much pressure. Stones are also used to massage with to warm the tissues and break up any adhesions that may be going on.

Prenatal: 30 min is $40, 60 min  is $75, 90 min is  $105
(Before Labor Treatment)
This is specifically geared towards making mom more comfortable throughout her pregnancy using some of the techniques described above.  As baby grows, mom may not grow as quickly and that can add up to lots of pain and discomfort. I work with mom to try and relieve that pain or discomfort or stress that may be going on. I also have specific prenatal pillows that allow mom to lie on her stomach, in the massage, as she gets further into her pregnancy. This is a very beneficial treatment to help both mom and baby in the growing process. If it is a high risk pregnancy it is always best to consult your doctor before receiving treatment.

Reiki: $60/HR
This is a traditional Japanese healing technique where the therapist channels divine universal healing energy through them into the patient. The purpose of this healing energy is to align and to create balance within the energy systems of your body. This is very helpful for anxiety, stress, insomnia as well as a myriad of other health concerns. It is a great way to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.
Chelation Energy work: $60/HR
This is somewhat similar to Reiki but instead of universal energy being channeled, the therapist channels Mother Earth energy. This allows you to be in balance with the energy going on around you and helps you to feel more grounded. In this technique the goal is to balance your chakras and to remove any discordant energy from your field. Also a great way to to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.
Re-Balancing I, II III:
$75 – 30 min massage / 30min of energy work
$105 – 45-60 min of massage / 30-45 min of energy work
$135 – 60 min of massage / 60min of energy work
$155 – 90 min of massage/60 min of energy work – total overhaul of the system not for first timers

Re-Balancing: about the technique

This technique focuses on both the energetic and physical bodies. First I work to balance your energetic systems, chakras, with a combination of reiki and chelation energy work. Then after your energetic systems are balanced I focus on the physical body to bring about relaxation in the physical body. When these systems are balanced and in tune with one another you feel a complete sense of health and well being as well as a deeper state of relaxation. I offer 3 different levels of this re-balancing work so that you can ease in and determine what works best for you.
The first level is just 30 min of energy work and 30 or 60 min of massage depending on your choice. This is a great way to try it out and see if its something that works well for you. Great for first timers.
Level II is good if you understand energy work and have had any experience with receiving this kind of work. It is 60 min of energy work and 60 min of massage work. Here you would receive a full work up of your energetic systems as well as receive a full massage session. It clears a lot out of your system and can be a little much if you haven’t experienced any energy work before. It is a fantastic way to really recalibrate your system. It is recommended that you give yourself plenty of time to relax after this kind of session so your body can continue to balance after the session.
Level III is not recommended for the novices, as this much work may leave you feeling a bit out of sorts. For those that do receive energy work, this session is great in that you get longer massage and energy times. Sometimes it may be 90 min of massage and 60 min of energy work and sometimes it may be more split down the middle 75min massage and 75min of energy work. Just depends on what is coming up for you in your session. The extended time allows for a more in depth work with both your physical and energetic systems. Time allotted can be 2 ½ hours and up to but not exceeding 3 hours. Again this is if there are major things going on in the body or you just need that extra massage time. Always recommend giving yourself some quiet relaxing time after and stay hydrated. Journaling can also be helpful afterwords to pinpoint anything that you may be feeling after your sessions.

Basic Benefits of massage:

Increases circulation

enhances the immune system

promotes nervous system functioning

reduces blood pressure

relieves pain and muscle tension

improves mood, intellectual reasoning and job performance

positive effect on conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes and migraine headaches.

Helpful Tips for before and after a massage treatment to facilitate relaxation and healing

Prepare yourself to relax so that when you come in you can leave your troubles at the door.
Think of what kind of music you would enjoy listening to during your massage. I have Pandora and it is your choice of the type of music you would enjoy most for your massage time. I love all music and want that to be something that helps you get to the place you want to be for relaxation.
Be sure to not come in hungry or overly stuffed. Both of these can cause some discomfort or distraction from the massage.
Drink more water than you normally would the day of or before the massage. This helps to facilitate movement of toxins as well as help to keep you from being sore the next day if you are getting any deeper work done.

Water, water, and more water! Again, trying to flush anything out that may have been stirred up. Also to help with soreness if receiving deeper work.
Try and stay relaxed the rest of the day. I don’t recommend getting a massage and then going for a run or exercising.  Massage is like a mini muscle workout and they need time to recover. You will see more benefits as well.
Try stretching in the morning and evening a few days, or more, after your massage. This helps the body to retain that more relaxed state for a while longer and facilitates more range of motion in the body.