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bob ross      I was given a super funtastic travel and work opportunity. In 2003, I, being the young whipper snapper that I was, answered a Craigslist add to do massage at the very first Wakarusa. At that time I was still a student and trying to get my foot in the door anywhere I could to determine what I wanted my future as a massage therapist to look like.  I was pretty new to the whole seeing live music scene and really had no clue that there were these massive music festivals that happened all over the country. I had barely traveled in my 19 years of living and this was by far the most splendid of things to have kind of fall into my lap. After working at the first Wakarusa, I began to travel around with an amazing group of massage therapists from festival to festival providing massage in the backstage areas for the musicians and their entourages. I have met and worked with many different musicians through the years and feel blessed to have been around since the beginning of the boom of massage therapists at music venues. I spend part of my summers traveling to amazing places, hearing all kinds of music, massaging and meeting lots of lovely people. I will try to add any fun new photos from my travels and backstage work so you can keep up with me when I am out of the office traveling. Thanks for checking out my backstage pass!! I try to add any new fun travel photos to  my Facebook page, so check in at to see all the exciting happenings!