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First let me start by answering the question, Why did I choose massage therapy as my career? To which my reply is, I believe massage chose me. At the age of 9 my family was involved in a car accident that left my mother with some serious injuries for which she sought many modalities of treatment to restore her back to full health. During this process, I was intuitively guided to massage her injuries. Over the years while aiding my mother, I began to recognize that the universe had opened a door for me during this time so that I would see my innate gifts and share with the world my role as a healer. My first year out of high school was spent at Barton CC learning sports medicine, after which I attended Heritage College, where I received my formal training for massage therapy, graduating in 2004. My education is never ending and my thirst for knowledge is never quite quenched. My journey and experiences throughout the years has helped to further this education and has shape the healer I’ve become today. In closing I send much love and gratitude to my friends, loved ones, teachers, and spiritual advisers for helping me on this amazing, healing journey.

Thanks to;

Heritage College in Kansas City for my foundation in learning.

Dr. James A Dray, for giving me the opportunity to observe and absorb the wealth of knowledge you exuded daily about the body, as well as giving me a fighting chance at making this a career and showing me the ropes of the business side of bodywork.

Kristii Adrian, with Bodyworks Downtown/Backstage, for saying yes to a young 20yo enthusiastic body worker, and traveling all across this great nation providing massage at music venues everywhere.

Moss Chiropractic, in Burien, Wa, and all the body workers and chiropractors for taking me in and furthering my knowledge on health and preventative medicine, as well as showing me how important it is to have a team of healthy healing people in your world.

Kathy and Rick Daugherty, with Three Feathers, for opening the energetic and spiritual door for me, so that I may connect to all levels of healing.

And last but definitely not least…

Thank You to the wonderful divine universe, my Guides and Angels, Divine Mother Earth, God/Goddess and all that is for illuminating my path and leading me on this amazing healing journey. Thanks for the love, support and abundance! Thanks for sending the right people, lessons, and experiences to keep me aligned with my healing journey!

We are all here to be of service to one another and if my gifts can assist you in your healing journey I am happy to help. Wishing everyone a happy and healing journey in this adventure we call life.